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  1. I've talked with many hashimotos' patients, but I can't remember anyone who expressed their thyroid disorders as eloquently as you did – especially the part about embarrassment, which most patients would rather not talk about! I agree with most of your post. I do think that doctors are trying to help their patients. Unfortunately, simply prescribing someone synthroid may not fix all of their symptoms or get to the real problem. I know some patients for whom it did, but unfortunately, for the many that I've talked to, it does not.

    How has your thyroid support process been since this post?

    • Thanks for the reply! I have found a new doctor who supports my lifestyle approach to treatment and that has made a world of difference. I firmly believe that those of us who suffer from chronic disease need to take our treatment into our own hands. I would no longer call what I experience "suffering." I barely notice the condition anymore!

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