Professional Portfolio

Hi, my name is Crystal Lynn Kamm and this is my professional portfolio. I’ve organized it by categories — as the Enneagram Type 1 that I am, nothing makes me feel better than organizing something! — so it will be easy for you to find the specific type of work that you’re looking for.

My Professional History

I’ve been a copywriter for over 13 years, in marketing for 9, and before that, I was a college English teacher for 4 years. I love my profession and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else! I love working with other professionals to help develop a content strategy and personable, engaging content that truly shows their brand’s personality.

I encourage you to check out my examples in each category. If you’re looking for something that you don’t see here, don’t hesitate to ask me. After all, there’s only so much room in a portfolio! Also, keep in mind that experience is only gained through doing, and I love trying new things, so even if I don’t have experience in a certain area, I’d love to do a trial run with you and see if I can do what you need!

Contact me with questions or to schedule a consultation:

This is me! Learn more about me here.


I’ve been copywriting professionally since 2007 and have a wide variety of examples to share with you in my Copywriting Portfolio. Please ask if there is something else you’d like to see that doesn’t appear on this page.


E-commerce is a multi-faceted business, with many creative needs. I have managed a lot of e-commerce projects, including product descriptions pages (PDPs), enhanced brand content layouts (EBCs), storefront banners, banner images, landing pages, merchandising, and more. See examples in my ECommerce portfolio.

Storefront Banner Images

Content Management and Strategy

Developing and managing good quality content is important for a business of any size, whether the company employs one person or many. Content that answers questions, educates, and inspires your customers’ trust is invaluable for your business. Learn more about my content strategy mindset in my ebook, Content Management for Brands.

Video and Photo Production

When developing a content strategy that truly engages your customers and provides answers to their questions at every point along the customer lifecycle, a variety of media is often required in order to meet those needs. Click through to my video and photo portfolios to see some of the marketing collateral that I’ve overseen in production.

Commercial Production Portfolio

Video Production Portfolio

Photo Production Portfolio

Professional Lifestyle Product Photo


Email marketing is one of the most important sales channels in e-commerce, and it has benefits for many businesses. Email marketing gives brands the opportunity to communicate directly with customers to share important updates, education, sales opportunities, and more. Check out my Email Portfolio to see examples of emails I’ve produced. Due to customer privacy, only a select few are shown. Start a conversation with me at to get more details about how I can help you develop an effective email campaign.

Product Packaging

Quality product packaging is essential to e-commerce and product sales as it is a reflection on your brand’s professionalism. When your product is shipped to your customer, the value of your packaging will be an important component of how your customer reacts to your product. Learn more by checking out my Product Packaging Portfolio.

Product Packaging

Writing Coaching and Education

Good writing and clear communication can be the difference between business failure and business success. As a college writing professor and corporate talent manager, I have experience working with writers at all stages and levels to help them achieve effective communication skills for professional success. I offer professional writing coaching for individuals and corporate writing coaching for businesses that want to train their employees as a group. Write to me at to learn more and see a course syllabus.

Social Media

In our connected world, social media is one of the primary channels for direct business-to-consumer conversation. It’s so important for businesses to take advantage of social media to provide education, information, and assistance to customers, but it’s also important for a brand’s social media presence to be authentic and brand-led. As a social media strategist, I can help you determine the best way to approach your social media plan. Find out more by contacting me at and check out my Social Media Portfolio.

Social Media Post for a Brand

Social Ads

Social ads are an essential aspect of digital marketing. I’ve created a number of social ads, as they are often included in marketing campaigns. See more on my portfolio.

Social ad for a university marketing campaign

Creative Writing

In addition to my professional endeavors, I am also a creative writer. Check out my Creative Writing portfolio to see the fiction and nonfiction I’ve been working on!

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