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“Write the book you want to read” is the best writing advice I’ve ever heard. It’s inspired nearly all of my writing projects and certainly provided me with the most motivation for completing them. After all, I was creating something that didn’t exist before now! Or at least not in the way I needed it to. This motivation is exactly what was behind my writing of this book, Content Management for Brands: A Guide to Creating and Managing Content with Helpful Resources You Can Use.¬†

As a writer (and all the many job titles that that profession brings, like editor, content manager, content strategist, content specialist, copywriter…the list goes on!) I have built and crafted my own career with minimal external support. Yes, I have a degree, and yes I have extensive work experience, in case you were wondering, but also, I have forged many of my paths on my own. And sometimes on those paths, I would have loved a little guidance and support from someone who had already done what I was teaching myself to do.

Benefits FOR YOU that are included with the book

That’s where this book comes in. I have written this book with the intention of providing education to writers, content managers, and even small business owners who are hoping to build up their content bank on their website to position themselves as experts in their fields. The hope that I breathe into this work is that those who read it will find support, information, and guidance, even if they are taking this first step and have no background in the field and no idea how to move forward. (After all, it happens to the best of us!)

In order to ensure that Content Management for Brands is truly beneficial, the purchase of the book also provides you with access to helpful resources that have been created by me over the course of my many years in the industry. These are resources that I would have¬†loved to have stumbled upon over the years instead of having to make from scratch each time, so I wanted to provide my readers with that added benefit. Whether you need to use one or many of the resources, I hope to save you hours of work and help you get right into the stuff that really matters…building that content!

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When you purchase my ebook, you are also supporting an independent author and an independent publishing company that is just getting off the ground. The publishing company, Forest Floor Publishing LLC, has hopes of growing to provide independent artists with the ability to see their own words in print and get their messages out to the world. You can also support the project by visiting our Patreon account.

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