The Most Interesting Books I’ve Ever Read About Food: Delicious, Healthy Food

If you’ve known me at all for the past year at least, you know that my obsession with healthy food is at an all-time high. And that’s saying a lot actually because I’ve spent a lot of my life with a pretty unhealthy relationship with the edible stuff. If you’ve read my other posts or followed my Instagram account, you may know my story, at least in part. I’ve spent many years struggling with chronic health problems, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, and acid reflux. I spent many of those years feeling increased depression over the simple fact that I didn’t understand what was causing my conditions or how to fix myself. I was eating the way I always had, and it had never bothered me before! In fact, I enjoyed much of the bad stuff, like my daily Starbucks habit which gave me a nice social outlet each day and made me feel good in the moment. It turns out that the way I had always eaten was bothering me, in ways I couldn’t see and that had become the foundations of chronic disease and inflammation inside my body.

Then in 2017, everything changed for me, because the depression was at its all-time worst. Sure, I was going through some major things that year too, so many people who were loving, kind, and supportive suggested over and over that it was circumstantial, that it would change when I changed.

But I knew better. It was far more than the circumstances. It felt like my body was turning against me. Something had to change, and I knew it had to be changed by me.


The books that saved me

There will be a time and a place for the details of how this story unfolded, but now is not the time for that. For now, I wanted to create a handy little resource for my friends and family who want to check out the books that I’ve been reading, the books that have literally changed my life and my entire world. The shift from junk food to healthy food has taken a while, and the results even took a while to manifest themselves, but in the end, any sacrifice I’ve had to make (like ending a 13 year steady relationship with chai) have been barely worth mentioning when weighed against the countless benefits.

Full disclosure, these are affiliate links which means I can get a commission if you click on these links to buy the books. I finally signed up for this because I’ve recommended my favorite health books to hundreds of people and know so many have already made the purchase. Might as well get some credit from it, right? 🙂

The Paleo Cure by Chris Kresser

I’ve been following Chris Kresser for a long time, because when I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s back in 2009, he was one of the only people actually sharing information about systemic illness and natural treatment options. After a friend alerted me to his appearance on Joe Rogan a few months ago, I decided to grab this book and I’ve been reading it like a Bible ever since. It’s so full of incredible food facts that I have to put it down every few pages just so that I don’t overwhelm myself. There’s so much to learn and so much more to apply!

a mind of your own by kelly brogan

The first book that came up when I started researching dietary intervention for depression was Kelly Brogan’s, and I bought it immediately after reading the intro and some of the testimonials on her website. To my surprise, after I got the book I found out that the author herself also suffered from Hashimoto’s before she put it into remission with the dietary plan she details in this book. (She talked about this briefly on her episiode of Joe Rogan as well. Seriously, shout out to Joe Rogan for all his awesome guests!) This book taught me so much about how to live healthier and eat for my actual needs.

If you decide to read either or both of these books, please let me know! I love talking with people about their experiences and discoveries. The journey to good health is like planning for a great adventure: life itself. Once you’re equipped and ready, it’s time to GO and there will be no holding you back.

Yeah, all this sounded corny to me too once upon a time, but I was looking at life through a sugar haze. Now, I can see clearly. JOIN ME!