Camp Nanowrimo it is!

Well, the quarantine has gotten to me, and I guess that means I’m going to hunker down and write for the month of April.

My Camp Nanowrimo profile for those who want to keep track of my progress.

I’m working on a story that first hatched in my brain 13 months ago, but it arrived as the “key” to a problem I’ve been contemplating for many, many years. This story is “the one” that answers the problems posed by many of the other stories I’ve already written (at least in part) and that’s why it’s so important to the whole.

However, I have no intention of revealing my secrets just yet because this story is merely mapped but not really written. And I don’t know about you other writers, but I myself find that the more I talk about a story the more absurd it sounds. Whenever I tell someone what I’m writing, I feel like I would rather crawl into a hole than explain the plot, which I suppose is why we develop pitches and sluglines. It’s really damn difficult to condense an epic novel into a bite-sized, digestible description for a person who ultimately may never read the story at all.

So instead, here is a clue:

An illustration I found on the internet that provides the perfect teaser to my tale

Please feel free to follow along! Or, if you’d like, support me on my Patreon. Middle tier and above actually gets you some excerpts which I would love to share! The story speaks for itself a lot better than I can speak for it.

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