Writers, content managers, editors, and even small business owners are often tasked with building a bank of content on their brand’s website, but this can be a tough job! This ebook will teach you what a content manager is and what they do, how to set yourself up for success as a content strategist, how to develop a strategy that truly engages your customers, how to build a team of creatives to help with content development (yes, even on a budget!), what tools are necessary for your success, how to develop your career if you’re a writer who wants to become a content manager, and most importantly, helpful resources that you can actually use for your success.

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This ebook is for:
* Content managers who are looking for guidance and systems to do their jobs well
* Business owners who need to develop a content strategy for their business with limited resources and personnel
* Writers or aspiring content managers who want to understand more about the career so they can direct their resume toward their personal career goals

In this book you will learn:
* What a content manager is and what they do
* The first steps toward managing content for a brand or company, whether it’s yours or one you work for
* How to develop a content strategy that meets your customers’ needs and directs traffic to your website