Who I Am

Helping people is more than a passion for me, it’s a way of life. After going through my own personal health journey (you can follow it on my IG, truly_alive on Instagram) I realized how important it was to me to help others find their way. I am always telling MY story on my Instagram, in addition to sharing helpful education about important subjects like nutrition (my favorite subject!) and recipes. I want to hear YOUR story too so I can learn how to best help you! I’m also a personal trainer and health coach. Check out my coaching page if you’re interested in working with me one-on-one.


Some Fun Facts About Me

I love to read. Science fiction is probably my favorite genre because I love disappearing into something out-of-this-world so that I get my imagination’s worth out of the journey, so to speak. But also, I love fantasy, realistic fiction, and classics, as well as nonfiction books, especially about science and, of course, nutrition.

Check out my bookshelf to see what I’m reading right now.

I love to travel. There’s nothing like going on an adventure to reset your center. Even though staycations are fun and relaxing, there’s really no way to beat the joy of getting away from the home and losing yourself 100% in a different geographic location. Some of the recent trips I’ve enjoyed have been:

  • New York City
  • Denver and Boulder, CO
  • San Francisco, CA
  • The U.K.

I love living an active lifestyle. I am an introvert in my heart, but there are sides of me that extrovert-out sometimes and get excited to go on crazy adventures and try new things. I sometimes think that my sedentary ways–curling up with books and sitting quietly to daydream–are a result of my health problems. I remember when I was a young child always thinking that I would like playing more if it didn’t make me so tired. Now, I feel like I have the energy and motivation that I always wanted as a kid but never had.

Some of my favorite active things to do are: lifting weights, hiking, kayaking, walking with my dog, walking around exploring cities, occasionally going backpacking or camping, and sometimes I try something new that I hadn’t done before. My latest new fitness hobbies are cycling, climbing, and yoga.

Where I Am

Indianapolis, IN