Looking to connect to a fellow book lover? That’s me! I am a huge fan of reading, writing, and all things word-related. Book recommendations and book reviews or film reviews are some of my favorites. I am obsessed with Goodreads, love my Amazon Kindle, and even more, love my Amazon Prime account! I look forward to interacting with you and finding out what you love, and what you want to learn about.

Book Reviews by Readers

Writing book reviews is one of my least favorite tasks. This is the main reason that I can be trusted as a reviewer! I do NOT review books that have been solicited to me for review, and I NEVER skew my opinions because of a relationship with the writer or filthy lucre from a publicist. My opinions and book reviews are entirely my own, and they are based off of an actual and thorough reading of the text in question.

More than Book Reviews

Let’s face it, as a writer that doesn’t care that much about the ugly task of reviewing books, there are a lot more things I may choose to write about. Keep tabs on my blog to see all of the other things I have to share about the writing lifestyle, reading, and really, whatever else comes up! I look forward to connecting with you about everything writerly.

Need a Writer?

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